Transmission ServiceTransmission fluid should be replaced at the manufacturer’s suggested interval to keep gears lubricated, cool and clean. Transmission service is a complete exchange of transmission fluid, and additive if needed.
  • Compact$139.99
  • Full Size$159.99
  • Trucks and SUVs$174.99

Radiator Service

Like other car fluids, your coolant will break down over time, causing corrosion and rust. Drain and refill the coolant (antifreeze) at suggested intervals.
  • $59.99+

Gear Boxes – Amsoil

Avoid costly replacement of your car’s gear box (differential) and increase fuel economy by changing the gear oil periodically. One of the most commonly overlooked maintenance services, this oil replacement prevents some of the most costly repairs.
  • Compact$89.99
  • Full Size$89.99
  • Trucks and SUVs$89.99

Power Steering

Power steering fluid is inexpensive, but replacing parts in the power steering system is pricey. As the system gradually wears down, tiny pieces of the components begin to contaminate the fluid. Prevent major repairs, including damage to the car rack, by replacing the fluid according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Compact$59.99
  • Full Size$59.99
  • Trucks and SUVs $59.99

Manual Transmission

Usually recommended between 15,000 and 60,000 miles, the manual transmission fluid exchange maintains the lubrication of moving parts inside the transmission. Since transmission oil doesn’t burn up, the transmission level remains constant unless there’s a leak.
  • Compact 4 Cylinder$69.99
  • Full Size 6 Cylinder$69.99
  • Trucks and SUVs 8+ Cylinder$69.99