The Oil Exchange licensed in 2008 as a Texas State Vehicle Inspection Station. We have performed thousands of Texas State Vehicle Inspections, each time refining the process to increase the efficiency of our service to the community. Our Texas State Inspections are $7.00 and are performed in 12 minutes. They are documented with a written report of the results.  

Will your car pass a Safety Inspection?

During the inspection all our comments are designed to protect you from an unsafe situation. We have provided a link with a wealth of information published by the Texas State Inspection Branch of the Department of Public Safety on this page. Inspection Criteria  

New to Texas?

We offer the VI-30 forms required to register your vehicle in Texas. After your visit, you will have in hand the official VI-30 and the official receipt printed out from The Texas State Vehicle Inspection Station. These two items are necessary and will facilitate your application for a Texas Vehicle registration. As a bonus we also provide a map to the nearest Bexar County Tax Assessor, where you need to register your car. A few links that may be of interest to quick links to DMV sites, registration and driver licensing.  

Did you get a ticket for an expired Texas State Inspection Sticker?

We can help you there, too. Our receipts are printed straight from the Texas Department of Transportation. Simply show this to the judge, and your job is done. We can’t say they will dismiss the ticket, but it will impress them that you took the time to visit our Official Texas State Inspection Station and have a valid Texas State Inspection Station receipt to prove it. We can help with ticket dismissal, VI-30 Registrations, an Emission Affidavit Form (for vehicles transferred from emission testing counties) or your Official State Inspection Sticker.  

What’s inspected during the annual Safety Inspection?

Find out how your vehicle will be inspected, take a look at our user friendly drop down menu which displays all the items of inspection. Choose an item of inspection and see the inspection and rejection criteria.